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The Owners


(Nickname - Berrol)

Favourite Drink - A Gibson

TGI’s original Master bartender. Fun loving with a laugh that would shake the fillings out of your Gran! Winner of many flair championships and finals in London and around the world.

Sports one of the finest beards you will ever see!


(Nickname - Mr Grumpy)

Favourite drink - Anything with Rum!

Mat originally started out as a DJ playing in nightclubs all over the West End. This inspired him to open his first bar Ground Zero in 2010, which then evolved into The Kent Cocktail Bar and Lounge in 2014 and is now running under the new management team of RDM Bars.

Although his nickname is Mr Grumpy, Mat is nearly always joking and should never be taken seriously!

How we met...

Darrel & would quite often frequent The Kent Cocktail Bar after a busy shift at TGIs! After quite a few shots, discussions would always turn to what the bar industry was lacking and how we could all make it better with our combined ideas!

In October 2017 they combined forces with Mat to re-launch and start their journey to change the bar scene in Gravesend. Their huge selection of spirits lent itself to an amazing cocktail selection, and paired with Darrel’s flairing background created cocktails with a show!

The rest as they say is history!

Contact: The Kent

20 High Street
Gravesend Kent
DA11 0BA

Opening Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 
16:00 - 24:00

Friday & Saturday 
16:00 - 01:00