Team News

Win some, lose some

We are consistent at the Kent. Great cocktails, great beer and a great football team.

All winners and all coming up with what the public want.

What about the pool team I hear you cry.. Well yes they are consistent as well. Apart from the opening match where we almost, almost, smelt that faint scent of victory before it was snatched away, the rest have been consistent disasters. A clear and clean run of nil points.

The football team on the other hand are playing in a league of their own and will have to be promoted unless something truly amazing happens.

A winning streak that will be hard to beat, a commitment and dedication to football, and then after match drinking that is hard to beat.

If you are free one Sunday morning why not come and support the team, fixtures list is on this link

And while you are about it, how about supporting the pool team on a Wednesday evening. Help us get over the trauma of the losses and with a cheering home crowd, who knows, we may even win.

Lights, action...cocktails

An ever growing snagging list

Clarity of what needs to be done grows the closer you are to the deadline. And the closer you are to the deadline the sharper the reality of how much longer each task will take. What was "a little job" just a few weeks ago now becomes insurmountable for the troops, but as an armchair general all I need do is point out the blindingly obvious.