Kevin and Perry go large at The Kent

I arrived late, well it was a busy Sunday. I walked down a quiet high street and was expecting a small turn out on such a quiet night, but as I walked past the window of The Kent, I was a group of dedicated film fans all watching the main screen. I sneaked around the side and into The Kent via the side entrance. This is probably a good point to make, there is a side entrance which most of the locals use and its situated 2 doors up in the alley way, it is marked as Entrance above the door.

On entering the audience were hushed with Vickie serving behind the bar keeping the mixing of cocktails and pouring of beer as silent as possible.

Evidence of the nachos, popcorn and hot dogs were all around.

I settled down at the back and watched the film to the end with laughter rippling trough the group when the antics on screen merited the response.

A great start to the film season with The Dark Knight set for showing on the 28th September.

Don't forget there are booths down stairs which can accommodate a group of about 8 in each with screens on the wall so you can enjoy a more intimate screening with your friends in the comfort of the downstairs lounge.