Bartender's Dozen

Classic Martini £8.50

Feel like James Bond with a classic martini, a liberal serving of Grey Goose Vodka and dry vermouth.

Corpse Reviver £8.50

The hangover cure that was all the rage in the 1800's; Hendrick's Gin, Couintreau & Lillet combine with a dash of Absinthe to give a cocktail with a kick.

Dirty Mexican £8.50

Tequila with raspberries and coffee? Cafe Patron XO finds itself delicately layered with home-made Chambord cream.

Espresso Martini £6.95

An ideal wake up, Smirnoff Vodka with Baileys, Kahlua and a double shot of espresso.

Mudslide £7.95

The most adult of milkshakes, don't let the chocolate sauce fool you. This one sees Smirnoff Vodka, Baileys and Kahlua poured over crushed ice

New York Sour £7.50

Fresh lemon juice gives the Monkey's Shoulder a sharpness that is married perfectly with a virbant layer of El Viejo Pinot Noir

Nutella Martini £6.95

Our very own variation of a chocolate martini. Smirnoff Vodka, Frangelico & Baileys make this cocktail ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Old Fashioned £6.95

The original cocktail of Monkey's Shoulder, maraschino juice and complimentary bitters

Pornstar Martini £6.95

A fruity martini that oozes reckless glamour. Absolut Vanilla and Possoa meet with passionfruit juice and a shot of prosecco.

Rainforest Caprinha £6.50

A twist on a Brazillian classic as Agwa Coca Leaf Liquer gets muddled with sugar and fresh lime wedges

Red Manhattan £6.50

A New York classic with an added hit of Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon. Sweet Vermouth and btters mirror the original 1870's classic and give it an edge

Rum Punch Zombie £7.95

A variation on the 80's staple with a bit more kick to it thanks to Havana 3 Year and Havana Especial with lime, pineapple, orange and a dash of Wray & Nephew