frontimage420x280Cocktails have to be the reason its called a cocktail bar but that’s not all that is on offer at The Kent Cocktail bar and Lounge, although it's a great place to start.

There are the Classic Cocktails, those favourites that we have all heard of and come back to time and time again.
At the Kent they are on special offer Tuesday to Thursday from the moment the front door opens on the world to the moment the key turns and the lights out at the close of the day.

Signature Cocktails are what we are known for, a cut above the rest. Those cocktails that The Kent does that special way, just the way you like them.

Bartenders Specials are what you turn to when you just want something different, they are perhaps a little more adventurous than your usual. Let the bartender guide you and your taste buds to sample new pleasures.

So whats with the Non-Alcoholic Cocktails? Well to start with they are delicious, not just for the drivers in the group they are a taste sensation in their own right. Thirst quenching and moreish

Mojitos, a class of cocktail all of their own. A Cuban highball, consisting in the traditional recipe of five ingredients: White rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint.

And to start the evening or round it off we have a selection of Shooters and Premium Shooters, all delicious and great to share with your friends.

Looking for something a little different, try our Prosecco Cocktails. Refreshing, fizzy and a joy to quaff